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Enhanced Communications employs top shelf expertise, delivering quality consulting services focused on mitigating client risk while maximizing their profits in the global telecom space.

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Our Services

Network Testing

Our experts will conduct a complete network performance analysis for detailed evaluation of issues, areas of improvement or consult on complete network migration.

Telecommunications Consulting

Not quite sure where you want to begin? We analyze your current system and provide a complete analysis. It's the full solution for any carrier or operator.

Broadband Technology

Fixed or Wireless broadband technologies. Spectrum Analysis will be required for any increase in current broadband capacity.

Mobile Network

We design, build and maintain or consult by performing surveys and advise on efficient infrastructures based on your business model to provides solutions in your mobile network infrastructure.

Spectrum Analysis

We will conduct an analysis to help optimize your current channel use, review design of current network and report on performance analysis before enhancements and after for a better network.


Review current infrastructure and make recommendations to support packet networking and radio link performance. LoS calculations to be conducted along with redundancy provisions to provide hi-speed bridges for fixed or wireless applications.

Network Distribution Services

Our distribution services have been developed for point-to-point links for bandwidth allocation in high digital transport networks in terrestial links or satellite uplinks.

Wireless Topology

Enhanced Communications will review the business requirements / parameters and needs to design, develop and implement an efficient topology model for your business.


A pioneer in telecommunications consulting, Enhanced Communications is an international telecommunications company headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. Enhanced Communications employs highly qualified professional consultants providing expertise in response to our customer’s needs.

Our experienced cadre of consultants and problem solvers are dedicated to mitigating our clients risk while maximizing their profits through optimization of vertical real estate in the global telecomm space; providing technical solutions, sales, and data transfer backhauls consultation around the world.

Telecom Consulting Services

Enhanced Comms specializes in rural network development leveraging small cell and remote radio modeling, network testing, and field surveys to optimize outside plant installation and spectrum efficiency.

Optimization of Vertical Real Estate
  1. Installation of hardware designed to backhaul and protect proprietary data
  2. Optimal utilization of vertical tower space
  3. Updates/upgrades to existing hardware
Risk Mitigation
  1. Logistical solutions for tower construction in austere locations
  2. Accurate topographical surveys for optimal tower placement
  3. Network testing for maximum spectrum efficiency
  4. Small cell and remote radio models for rural network solutions
  5. Safety compliance
  6. Site and construction material security
Technical Solutions
  1. 24/7 access to technical experts

Sales and Marketing Services


Proprietary Data Services
  1. Broker and manage business relationships between data service providers and clients
  2. Data management consultation and back haul technologies
Business Development
  1. Accessing austere sites
  2. Developing remote network solutions leveraging small cell and remote radio models
  3. Advising clients on opportunities in emerging telecom markets
  4. Fostering relationships building of current and future clients
  5. Developing operating plans
  6. Site acquisition
  7. Mapping supply chain management

Working Together. Connecting the World.

  • Mobile Network
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Microwave
  • Network Distribution
  • Wireless Topology
  • Consulting
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