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A Pioneer in Telecommunications Consulting, Enhanced Communications Is an International Telecommunications Company Headquartered in Jacksonville, Fl.

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Provide our customers the highest quality consulting, specializing in telecommunication outside plant installation, as well as transmission of proprietary data.

Telecommunications Consulting

In teleservice consulting—we specialize in wireless network topology and infrastructure and microwave and/or satellite network distribution. Partnered with major suppliers, we assist in acquiring cellular lines, antennas, ground satellites and other equipment overseas that are only supplied by manufacturer representatives as regulated by manufacturers. We are also able to install your new equipment for uninterupted service.

Sales & Service

Our experts can help you achieve market penetration by gaining the edge on the competitors market share. Consultants will implement standard sales distribution network, implement a CRM (Salesforce) and train your new sales team to attract new customers. We focus on development of your product and market and set course to diversify in these areas. We specialize in foreign markets and will partner and/or consult in establishing sales networks for successful growth and maintaining your customber base.

Sales & Service

A pioneer in telecommunications consulting, Enhanced Comms is an international telecommunications company headquartered in Jacksonville, FL. Enhanced Comms employs highly qualified professional consultants providing expertise in response to our customer’s needs.

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Our experienced cadre of consultants and problem solvers are dedicated to mitigating our client’s risk while maximizing their profits through optimization of vertical real estate in the global telecom space; providing technical solutions, sales, and data transfer backhauls consultation around the world.

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